Hello world!

class DynartBlog {
    public static void main(String args[]) {
        System.out.println("Hello world!");

Dynart is an indie game developer studio idea for now. I’m working on that for a long time, I had and I’ll have a lot of work with it, but shortly – in about one year – I want to do this as a full time job. There are a lot of plans for games, hard to choose which project can be done before the deadline, but I want to give one year for myself to prove it: I can be an indie game developer.

I’ll work primarily for mobiles, but I want to release my games on PC as well. The income would come from advertisement and from normal sells, I’m not a big fan of micro-transactions, but will see in the future that statement still stands.

The ongoing and most important project currently is Cool Fox the Retro Platform Game. It is a simple but enjoyable retro game, looks and feels as a game from the early 90’s.

One of the important aspects of that it isn’t just one game, it is a framework for future project. It uses LibGDX the cross-platform Java library. That is really easy to use and the license fees are great – as it is an open source project 🙂 The game will be released on Google Play, Amazon, App Store and hopefully on Steam. It can be played via touchscreen, keyboard and gamepad. The work on the menu near to finished, the basic gameplay related development and graphics are done, the advanced part of the gameplay is the next on the list.

There are other hobby projects for example a Breakout clone, that I do because of the fun, but I don’t have any serious plans for those currently.

On this blog I would like to write down the story of that how I become an indie game developer. I would like to talk about the systems and applications I use, the technical difficulties I across and a lot of interesting stuff about the game development.

So, wish good luck for me! 🙂